Move Management

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Comvest’s move management team provides consulting, coordination and implementation services for physical facility changes, including relocations, mergers, consolidations, renovations technology updates, and reorganizations. Move management eases transitional stress and disruption by facilitating seamless changes that allow your business to continue with minimal interruption or downtime.

Our team of experts understands that each client and each transition is unique. The partnership between the move management team and our clients are essential to the development of a successful strategy. Our specialized techniques ensure smooth implementation.

We provide practical, hands-on experience, coupled with our extensive understanding of corporate services, allows us to provide expert transitional solutions for each client.

Because of our expertise and our unique computerized planning system, we can reduce your risks.  We’ll make sure critical business functions stay up and running.  We will develop practical contingency plans.  Our expertise can help you prevent costly mistakes.

Major facilities relocations require asset and service procurement decisions.  We can help you develop strategies, parameters, standards, scopes and processes.  We provide procurement planning and management for furniture, voice-data systems and related service providers in logistics, installation and equipment maintenance, and moving.

Move Management handles small and large-scale facility changes-from the basic to the highly complex. 

Our Move Management services include:

  • Facility Transitions
  • On-Site Facilities Support Staffing
  • Churn Management
  • Furniture Reuse Planning
  • New Furniture Procurement
  • Project Orientation and Communications
  • Relocation Planning and Management
  • Technology Transition Planning and Management

Comvest Can Help You Avoid:

  • Business Disruptions
  • Employee Downtime
  • Telephone/Network Downtime
  • Cost Overrun
  • Poor Communication (Internal & External)
  • Chaotic Environments (Pre & Post-Move)